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Duration Price
Long Ride (45-50 Minutes) $118.97
Short Ride (15-20 Minutes) $54.08


Our long Central Park carriage tour is for those wishing to cover the famous three Central Park landmarks: Bethesda fountain & terrace, cherry hill plaza and Strawberry Fields. In addition to the aforementioned sites, this lovely tour covers The Mall, Balto Statue, Summer Stage, the Lake, Sheep Meadow, Tavern on the green and more.

Our long Central Park carriage tour also includes narration of facts and history (unless a quiet tour is requested at the beginning) and few amazing photos with breathtaking backgrounds.

If you wish to make the tour more special to honor a special occasion or celebration, please inquire about our other services such as professional photography, bouquet of flowers, cake, balloons, etc.


(All children MUST be 12 years old or under to meet the requirements for occupancy)
4 adults or less per carriage
or 3 adults & 2 children per carriage
or 2 adults & 4 children per carriage
or 1 adult & 6 children per carriage